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About us

EL-MED-Pub is an electronic publisher based in Lahore Pakistan. A great deal of change in publishing media has occurred over the past few decades. E-publishing is now an established medium of dispersion of scholarly content across the globe. 

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  • Open Journal System installation and maintenance

  • Typesetting (PDF, HTML)


  • Copy Editing

  • Learn running OJS

Our Titles

1. Journal of Neonatal Surgery [ISSN: 2226-0439 (Online); Peer-Reviewed; Open-Access]

2. APSP Journal of Case Reports [ISSN: 2218-8185 (Online); Peer-Reviewed; Open-Access]

3. Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Surgery [ISSN:  (Print) 2708-6488; (Online) 2708-6496; (Linking) 2708-6488; Peer-Reviewed; Open-Access]

EL-MED-Pub is an electronic publisher based in Lahore Pakistan. A great deal of change in publishing media has occurred over the past few decades. E-publishing is now an established medium of dispersion of scholarly content across the globe. Very few electronic resources are contributing to the existing body of knowledge from Pakistan. In 2010, there was not a single e-journal available from Pakistan and nor does the e-journal publisher. 

In 2010, First proper Medical e-journal was launched from Pakistan with the title of APSP Journal of Case Reports. This was followed by emergence of few more titles. In 2012, the management of Journal of Neonatal Surgery decided to launch e-journal publisher for the Pakistani Journals. Therefore, EL-MED-Pub publisher which is an online resource for Pakistani electronic journals was launched. 

The main objectives of the EL-MED-Pub are;

  • Promote e-journals from Pakistan
  • Provide editors of the existing journals training on OJS
  • Provide a low cost hosting of e-journals
  • Provide Typesetting (PDF, HTML), PMC/JATS XML, Copyediting services
  • Promote Open-Access, Peer-reviewed scholarly publications from Pakistan   

Basic Requirements

  • The Journal should have an ISSN 
  • The journal must publish Peer-reviewed Scholarly content
  • The journal should allow Open-Access to the full-texts


  • Open Journal System Installation
  • OJS upgradation and maintenance
  • OJS hosting
  • PMC or JATS XML creation
  • PDF and HTML full-text creation
  • Copyediting and language editing services
  • Training on use of OJS
  • Advice on indexing of the journal 

EL-MED-Pub Journals Publishing Policies

Editorial Policies

El-Med-Pub expect the highest ethical standards from their authors, reviewers and editors when conducting research, submitting papers and throughout the peer-review process.

Peer Review

El-Med-Pub journals employ a double-blind review process, in which the author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process.


Redundant or duplicate publication

El-Med-Pub journals do not publish redundant or duplicate submissions. Authors must declare during submission that the submission is original and not under processing of any other journal. In case of identification of duplicate submission, it is rejected. If it is identified after publication, a notice of duplicate submission is published.  

Retraction policy

El-Med-Pub journals follows COPE guidelines for Retraction of published manuscripts.

Conflicts of interest

El-Med-Pub journals have a policy for authors to submit a conflict of interest statement including funding sources declaration. The authors have to submit ICMJE Conflict of Interest form during submission for any disclosures about financial sources and competing interests. The statement of Conflict of interest and Source of Funding is published with every manuscript.  

Permissions to reproduce previously published material

El-Med-Pub journals have a policy to get permission to reproduce material (such as illustrations) from the copyright holder. Articles cannot be published without these permissions. Click to download Permission Request Form. For open access material published under Creative-Commons license, formal permission is not required and the illustrations/tables (not more than 3 from single source)   can be used by giving full credit to the source.

Patient consent forms

Publication of clinical photograph is not allowed in El-Med-Pub journals unless an informed written consent form the patient/legal guardian is obtained. The authors have to submit a statement confirming that the informed written consent is obtained. The editors may ask to submit consent form for verification purpose in case of any conflict/doubt.

Ethics committee approval

El-Med-Pub journals require IRB approval letters for articles dealing with original human or animal data and this information should be mentioned in the Methods section. This paragraph must contain the following information: the name and address of the ethics committee responsible; the protocol number that was attributed by this ethics committee; and the date of approval by the ethics committee. Better practice is to submit an electronic version of the IRB approval letter at the time of submission.



El-Med-Pub journals have a policy to screen all the submitted manuscripts for plagiarism. In case of significant plagiarism, the journals follow COPE guidelines on plagiarism.

Advertising Policy

All advertisements in the El-Med-Pub journals are subject to the approval of the publisher and who reserves the right to reject or cancel any ad at any time. All advertisements must show advertiser by trademark or signature. The publisher will not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred due to errors in published ads. Ads of only lawfully approved items will be allowed to publish. Recruitment ads will be published by giving link to the main recruitment website. The Publisher disclaims any responsibility for any untoward event due to the published ads. Please reconfirm from other sources before entertaining such ads.